Meet People of Botswana & their country, Bushmen
Botswana is a country made up of many traditional tribes. There are possibilities to meet some of them and explore their culture.

Among them are the oldest inhabitants of the region, the San or Bushmen.
Spend some time with these fascinating people, learn about the incredible knowledge of their harsh semi-desert environment and how to survive in it.
Join them on nature walks and witness them trance dancing and story telling.

You can combine this cultural experience with a top safari experience in Botswana.
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Africa - Botswana
Bushmen women from New Xade (Central Kalahari) during the trance dance - Kuru San Dance Festival 2004.
Melon dance
Kuru San Dance Festival
Every second year, August, in D'Kar near Ghanzi in the Kalahari.
Kuru San Dance Festival - a 3-days celebration of Bushmen (San) culture.
From 2008 every second year in August the Bushmen from the whole Kalahari (from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and sometimes other countries) come to a small village of D'Kar to dance, sing, play, talk and make traditional music around the fire.
It is a unique experience and a privilege to witness the thousand-years-old culture still alive in dance and song, especially in the healing dance.
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