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Botswana's abundant wildlife, still pristine wilderness of vast protected areas of National Parks and Game Reserves, famous Okavango Delta, Chobe River, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Kalahari Desert offer fantastic opportunities for wildlife photography and wildlife filming.
It is arguably the best wildlife country on the continent. No wonder many top wildlife productions have taken place in Botswana. Some of them became classics of wildlife filmmaking like the unforgettable masterpieces by Tim Liversedge and Derek & Beverly Joubert.
Although many wildlife films have been produced, there is still so much we don't know, or understand about the fascinating drama of life, its complexity, interdependance, fragility and beauty. Many subjects have not been recorded yet, especially the small animals equally fascinating and essential for the whole ecology of the African bush.
For the best producers, wildlife filmmaking becomes their lifestyle. They live in the bush, sometimes for years, studying animal behaviour and slowly recording the spectacular secrets revealed in the process.
Not all can afford this degree of committment and time. That is why Bona Safari Services can help the potential filmmakers by providing the knowledge of the bush and its inhabitants. This can shorten considerably the production time and the costs.
Professional photography and filming in Botswana also need permits from the wildflife authorities and many arrangements must be done beforehand regarding localities, camping, accommodation, transport, equipment, catering and other logistics. Filming in Botswana is not easy because of the remoteness of the wildlife areas and because of true wilderness environment, and needs to be very well planned, prepared and equipped.
Otherwise it can be very frustrating and expensive.
Bona Safari Services can take care of most of the arrangements needed for a succesful production.
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