Africa - Botswana
Sport fishing
Botswana is an exciting destination for the fresh-water angler at two main destinations: the upper reaches (“Pan Handle”) of the Okavango Delta and along the Chobe River with its link to the mighty Zambezi River. Anglers are primarily interested in tiger fish and bream. The former are reckoned as one of the world’s great freshwater fighting fish, and weigh up to nearly 10 kg. In these waters catches of 5 to 6.5 kg are not uncommon, especially in the Chobe/Zambezi river systems. Bream provide good sport, too, and are delicious to eat. In addition, there are large catfish in these rivers, some of which grow to great sizes and may weigh in excess of 8 kg.

There are specialised fishing operators, based in camps or lodges, that take anglers to the best fishing spots and which provide all necessary tackle, boats, fishing guides, etc. Fishermen may, of course, bring their own tackle. There is fishing throughout the year. Tiger fishing is generally best from August to February (at low water). Bona Safari Services can organise fishing trips for you at prime fishing localities in northern Botswana, and can include this as part of a package encompassing game viewing and other safari activities.

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